Weak current system integrator

Weak current system integrator

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Author : songkui Date : 2013-1-21 21:08:07
Anti-static flooring
The room ground engineering room engineering is a very important part of. Engine room floor generally use anti-static movable floor, with features, removable so all equipment, wire cable connection, connection and maintenance and replacement are very convenient pipeline. Activities under the floor space can be used as a static pressure air base. Provided with a cabinet air distribution inlet movable floor will send room air-conditioning cold air into the room and heating equipment, distribution can freely adjust the room airflow. Activities under the floor surface should be moisture-proof treatment.
■ceiling wall decoration
Room ceiling decoration using suspended. The ceiling above to ceiling space do supply or return wind storage room pressure, can be arranged, all kinds of ventilation pipe outlet and automatic fire detectors, installed and fixed lighting, walk the line. Room should choose the metal aluminum ceiling, aluminum and its members should have light, fire prevention, moistureproof, sound absorption, no dust, no dust properties.
Room decoration wall to protect the wall materials, ensure that the indoor conditions of use, to create a comfortable, beautiful and clean environment. Interior wall decoration effect is composed of lines and color texture, three factors. At present, the most common in the room wall decoration of the wall materials ( such as aluminum plate, color steel plate ) finishes, its characteristics: smooth surface, good air tightness, easy to clean, no dust, no deformation.
Wall finishes basic do moistureproof, shielding, insulation treatment.
■partition decoration
Computer room building often adopts a large-span structure, using the partition wall will room space is divided into functional areas smaller. Partition wall is light and thin, also has sound insulation, heat insulation function.
Room doors and windows used to fire anti-theft doors and windows, room doors and windows with no frame glass door, so as to ensure the safe room, and ensure the effect of room inside transparent, bright.
■UPS uninterruptible power supply
The quality of power supply and distribution system for computer room equipment requirements are very high, should use UPS uninterruptible power supply to ensure the stability and reliability of power supply. The auxiliary power supply of power supply and distribution system by the city electricity direct supply. Electrical construction room should choose the high quality cable, wire groove and socket. Socket should be divided into electricity, UPS and main equipment special waterproof socket. Lighting should choose the advanced lighting without glare room dedicated.
The use of dedicated room power distribution cabinet to ensure the safe operation of power supply and distribution system in computer room. By city power, generator double circuit power supply, as a backup power generator main power supply, low operation cost.
■air conditioning system
Machine room air conditioning system should have the air, return air, heating, humidification, cooling capacity, reduce moisture and air purification. Usually adopts precision constant temperature and humidity air conditioning system to meet the above requirements.
A new exhaust system
Room new exhaust system has two main functions: one for the room provide enough fresh air, to create a good environment for the staff; second, maintain the room outside the positive differential pressure, avoid dust entering the room, to ensure better cleanliness. Airflow patterns inside the room should be combined with the comprehensive consideration of the computer system requirements and construction conditions. The new exhaust system air pipe and inlet position should be reasonable layout with air conditioning system and interior structure. The air was determined according to the size of the air conditioning ventilation.
■grounding system
The engine room has four grounding ways: communication work, safety protection, DC and lightning protection.
Should pay attention to two points:
1, the signal system and power supply system, high-pressure system and a low pressure system should not use common ground loop.
2, sensitive circuit grounding should be separated from each other or shield, to prevent reflux and electrostatic interference. The computer room ground should adopt the integrated grounding scheme, integrated grounding resistance should be less than 1 ohm.
■lightning protection system
Room lighting is divided into thunder and lightning. Lightning protection against lightning mainly by building the complete; room ( including lightning protection lightning protection equipment room power supply system and the weak information system ) is mainly caused by over-voltage caused by lightning surge against induction thunder and other reasons.
■monitoring system
Room CCTV monitoring system is small, but the room security system is an indispensable link. It can monitor for 24 hours and any event occurred in the record room.
■access control system
Room control system using contactless smart IC card management system. The system can be flexibly, conveniently provided into the engine room personnel, time, authority, prevent the damage caused by human factors, to ensure the safety of computer room.
■water leakage detection system
Room in the normal operation of equipment and even cause paralysis in operation room. Therefore, the room should be installed water leakage detection system. At present, the most commonly used is the United States of America RAYCHEM company Trace Tek water leakage detection system.
■room environment and equipment monitoring system
Room environment and equipment monitoring system is mainly to the computer room equipment ( such as power supply and distribution system, UPS power supply, lightning arrester, air-conditioning, fire protection system, security access control system ) running state, temperature, humidity, cleanliness, power supply voltage, current, frequency, power distribution system switch status, leak detection system etc. real-time monitor and record the historical data, the realization of computer telemetry, remote, remote control, remote adjustment management functions, and provide powerful guarantee for the efficient and safe operation management of computer room.
■fire system
The room should be set up gas fire extinguishing system, gas cylinder room should be set up in the room, for the network structure, a nozzle is arranged on the ceiling, the fire alarm system composed of fire control box, smoke, temperature sensing network.
The engine room fire system should use the gas fire extinguishing system, commonly used for propane gas and SDE gas.
■shield system
Room for preventing electromagnetic interference shielding of the engine room equipment and signal damage, there are two common types: metal mesh screen and the metal plate shielding. Based on the requirements of the engine room of the shielding effect of the different frequency band, shielding of different height, selecting material and construction method on shielding system, the requirements should be strictly in accordance with national " normative " standards.

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