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Group telephone

Author : songkui Date : 2013-1-21 21:09:29
Group telephone exchange equipment: a special purpose. General from exterior and extension. It has several telephone shared an outside line, suitable for medium and small enterprises, but also can be used for residential and Secretary telephone. Group telephone exchange generally do not require full-time operator and maintenance personnel. When an incoming call, from any telephone response, and can be called to the desired.
It has the functions of general: conference call, abbreviated dialing, the hotline service, group calling, call back call, call forwarding, call barring, call waiting, automatic power failure transfer function. Is a commonly used communication modernization of management office, the telephone management group management outside calls and inside out. Group telephone outside line access group refers to the number of the phone; extension is your employee number of telephone.
Installation group telephone calls between the benefits: internal without superior central office, thus reducing the central office and to the PBX trunk line traffic and investment. Installation group telephone equipment, arrangement of every employee as part of a machine for your company, from the outside into ( or computer operator ) for information processing, so in cost savings at the same time, also for the outside into the person with the highest speed and the contact person to contact. If there is no installation group telephone, so you may lose time with you in the first time customer contact opportunities; the job to a group call processing, the extension is busy or there is no answer the phone when the group will according to the needs of your call to another processor; if you install the voice mail apparatus, will put the phone to your mailbox for message. In many cases you on the telephone line can only rely on the management consciousness of your employees.
A major function of management is also the group telephone : it will be your arrangements for each extension to arrange a password, if you leave the seat, do not know the password of the people can not use your extension. Installation of charging functionality, you can also call cost management present you the new views. Billing system will tell you what people call the most cost or at least, a phone number and total cost.
The user to enter the telephone network way:
A. semi automatic entry mode: in this mode, the user switches extension subscriber call office outside the user, can automatically dial, outside users call the PBX extension subscriber, will have to be determined by the operator manual dialing. At present, in our country most of the entry mode, has the advantages of saving number resources, disadvantage is adverse to the long-distance automation and billing.
B. automatic entry mode: in this mode, the user switches to the outgoing and incoming call automatically, without manual switching. Breathe out, as long as the user switches to a dial tone is enough, the outside dial in user PBX extension users dial telephone network the same digit number, and automatically dial, is conducive to long-distance automatic and automatic billing.
Common types of access group telephone line:
1 common outside: Telephone Bureau General Office line.
2 normal trunk: with common office the same line, but can be automatically linked to choose.
3.ISDN line: a line ( ISDN line ).
4 .E&M line: network line around the telephone system.
The 5 one: use the Telephone Bureau ordinary line, a plurality of lines can be bound together, realize the automatic combination, form a common trunk function.
Common types of access group telephone extension:
The 1 extension : can be installed extension, most telephone and fax machines used at present, can be installed in the group call.
2 digital extension: digital machine dedicated brand telephone system ( main program function and special function realization, household Mandarin machine can not access this type extension ports ).
The main common functional group telephone:
◆flexible coding: the preparation of extension number extension.
◆level limit: limit call international, domestic, local level 7.
◆relay hotline: lift free dial 9 outside.
◆incoming selection: exterior line incoming call, group call options, direct transfer.
◆strong interpolation operator service: in exceptional circumstances forced inserting calls to the calling extension.
◆generation dial : operator can low level extension of long-distance call.
◆distinctive ringing: ringing from outside or inside.
◆for switching: switching to achieve consultation and music waiting outside.
◆billing: reverse charging mode or delay charging mode.
◆print options: English printing options.
◆voice mail: query its grade, number, date, time, bill.

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