Weak current system integrator

Weak current system integrator

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The comprehensive wiring system

Author : songkui Date : 2013-1-21 21:03:06
With the rapid development of information technology, more and more enterprises and institutions required to establish an advanced, practical, reliable computer information system, to improve efficiency, strengthen management, reduce the cost of. The application of computer information system of different unit must first make a detailed system design, computer system integration scheme.
Wiring scheme
According to the wiring principle, some main network equipment ( including routers, switches, Switch/Hub, server, UPS, hard disk recorders and so on ) are placed in the center, the establishment of vertical and Horizontal Cabling subsystem, Hub and cable finally focus away from the workstation best position recently, which is the standard of comprehensive wiring method. It has the following advantages:
1 ) system of network reliability, easy management and maintenance;
2 ) network is easy to adjust;
3 ) the network equipment can realize zero redundancy, give full play to the performance of system equipment;
4 ) the system scalability, the system configuration more flexible.
Broadband interface more and more into the family, enterprise, need more standardized, integrated wiring, security is higher, better service or search provides comprehensive wiring!
Including the integrated wiring system: network wiring, voice ( telephone ) information point wiring, cable TV information point of wiring, closed-circuit television system, security monitoring, access control attendance system for integrated wiring integration!
Integrated wiring
1 integrated wiring system
The comprehensive wiring system is the basic channel data and voice transmission system. Based on the wiring system, can form the telephone network, computer network throughout the whole base. Wiring system is part of the basic information of the system, its performance directly affects the performance and life information system.
The comprehensive wiring system is a building or group of buildings of the information transmission system. It makes the voice and data communications equipment, switching equipment, information management systems connected to each other, also make these external communications equipment and network connect. It includes the building to all cable connection between the external network or telephone line, and the working area of the voice or data terminal and associated wiring components.
Integrated wiring scheme provides all in accordance with the:
Standard for design of intelligent building " GB/T50314-2000 "
ISO/IEC11801 building generic cabling standards
EIA/TIA568A business building communication building cabling standards
EIA/TIA569 business building communication channel and space standard
General specification of integrated wiring system building YD/T926 communication
EIA/TIA TSB67 unshielded twisted pair transmission performance standard
GB/T50314-2000 standard for design of intelligent building design, all design are in accordance with the national design standard design, to provide one-stop solutions for customers.
2 project quality assurance and customer service service commitment
Company with a new management mode, is the guarantee of providing high quality, efficient service for the user.
Company in accordance with the ISO9001 international quality standard system requirements, design, construction and after sale service engineering process completely into the standardized, scientific management.
The quality consciousness into every process, link, from project design to construction and installation, debugging and maintenance, technical support and training of the complete range of services for users.

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